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PINK.presents: Oshri

Oshri (pronouns according to their own information: „I don’t care about my pronouns, as long as you call me fabulous.”), born and raised in Tel Aviv is one of Berlin’s most vibrant queens. But Tel Aviv was not enough: New York was screaming her name. And so she went and defined her work at Big Apple. But even NYC was not enough. On Purim 2004 she eventually followed the way of drag and became Israel’s first live singer in drag, which opened the doors of television and cinema for her – and even made her one of Tel Aviv’s first culture ambassadors. After moving to Berlin in 2015 she started to conquer night clubs and big names, such as GMF and Chantal’s House Of Shame.
Her specialties are singing live, mixing jazz, techno and electronic beats not just with her piercing voice, but with live sets of DJs as well. It is not just music, that fills her heart: Fighting for the rights of LGBTIAQ+ and women is another strong add on of this queen.
All time favourite song: You've Got The Love by Florence + the Machine.

PINKDOT can’t wait for her next singing set.

Oshri rocking the kitchen as a side job.

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